Locust X-form signature Removable Fingersaves Goalkeeper Glove


The flagship glove from the revolutionary X-Form Series. The Locust "Signature" Glove is technologically advanced in every way.

Made in the EU and comprising of the finest materials from Germany.
The glove Features a 5mm "Supergrip" roll finger palm.
Grip Control Technology® embedded in every glove giving you the confidence to take immediate control of any ball in flight.
Impact Control Technology® which distributes the impact of the ball throughout the glove truly means the glove has the perfect balance between comfort and flexibility.
This specific model designed with Chris Kirkland features a slightly offset roll finger and full latex thumb giving a greater contact-to-ball ratio and improved distribution.
A full latex backhand with mesh breathable zones and ribbed fingers for increased punching control.
Removable Fingerblock Technology® offering protection without losing flexibility in the glove.
A double elastic wristband.