PALM: G3 - Fusion - Step up your game with our most advanced palm foam ever! This completely new latex mixture including special adhesive additives is equipped with the best grip properties of all times, greater abrasion resistance and outstanding wet weather performance. The extremely tacky G3 Ultra Soft foam has been fused with speckled latex injections to boost the palms all-round performance: highly resistant black Solid latex dots noticeably increase the durability; blue Aqua latex dots with the innovative Hydrograin technology push the grip in rainy conditions to a new level. Ready to master all situations!
Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Gloves Size 8
PALM: G3 Ultra Soft More grip, more stickiness, more power: by completely refining the G2 latex mixture and adding special adhesive additives, we created the Reusch palm foam with the best grip properties of all times, great cushioning and improved resistance: the G3 Ultra Soft. Ultimate grip properties in dry conditions but also very good performance in wet environments make this palm foam the first choice of most professional Reusch goalkeepers.
Reusch Prisma Deluxe G3 Goalkeeper Gloves Size 9.5
Can be printed on the wrist position of the wristband of two gloves
Goalkeeper Gloves Personalization