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We are happy to interview the MK Dons Ladies Goalkeeper Emma Kirby. Enjoy.

G: When did you start playing goal?

E: We were without a keeper so I stepped in and once I was getting the proper coaching I ended up loving the position and just wanted to be the best I could

G: How many goalkeeping training sessions do you have in each week?

E:I have the option of two alongside my normal two sessions

G: Is there any brand sponsoring you now?

E: I get discount with The one glove but not a full sponsorship

G: Do you like the one glove? and which model are you using now?

E: Yeah they are good and I am using the Invictus

G:What is the most important thing in a glove for you?

E: That I trust it and that it fits well

G: What's been your biggest career highlights so far?

E: Must playing and winning cup finals

G: Any tips on warm-ups?

E: My warm up isn't very good but you need to make sure your hands are warm and ready.

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

E: David de Gea

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Welcome to our Goalkeeper Sharing Interviews. Today we are happy to meet Birmingham U18 Goalkeeper and the first endorsee of X goalkeeper Product, Max Beardmore.

Max Beardmore: M

Goalkeeper Sharing: G

G: Why did you choose X goalkeeper product?

M:They looked like a great glove and I liked the style of them, they are also on the up and only going to bring more gloves out. They are great quality also!

G: When you started playing goalkeeper?

M: 2014/15, I have been an outfielder at Birmingham since U9 and then changed into a goalkeeper around 2 years ago.

G: What do you think about from outfielder to goalkeeper?

M: It is different of course and I am still learning but I enjoy it and enjoy training everyday.

G: How many goalkeeping training sessions do you have in each week?

M: Two on Monday, two on Tuesday, one on Thursday and one on Friday then the game Saturday.

G: What's been your biggest career highlights so far?

M: Between the FA youth cup and been involved with the first team against Hull.

G: What is the most important thing in a glove for you?

M: The feel and how the glove fits your hand, if the glove fits well then the grip doesn't matter as long as you are comfortable.

G: What do you want to see in the next model for x goalkeeper product?

M: I'm happy with the roll model so will just be looking forward to see what other models are brought out looking forward to some new colour ways also!

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

M: Joe hart or David de gea also like manuel neuer because of his confidence with his feet.

By goalkeepersharing, Feb 4 2016 10:23PM

We are happy to chat with Stoke City Ladies Goalkeeper Alice Langstone.

Alice Langstone: A

Goalkeeper Sharing : G

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

A: I was about 7 when I started playing

G: Is there any brand sponsored you right now?

A: No

G: How many training session do you have in each day.

A: We currently train twice a week but we expected to maintain fitness levels outside of training

G: How many teams were you played and which team do you like the best:)

A: I played for a junior team before joining stoke city girls centre of excellence at 15 and I have been at stoke since then, stoke is the best

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

A: My favourite is Jack Butland

G: What glove are you using now?

A: I am currently using the one glove pulse.

G: What do you look for in goalkeeper glove?

A: I look for a comfortable fitting glove with a good grip on the palm.

Thank you Alice.