Toni-Anne Wayne Goalkeeper Interview

By goalkeepersharing, Dec 12 2015 02:09PM

The Number One Tottenham Hotspur Ladies Toni-Anne Wayne is here with Goalkeeper Sharing and you.

G: Goalkeeper Sharing

T: Toni-Anne Wayne

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

T:Starting playing on goal about aged 13 after our keeper got injured.

Oct 20

G: Is there any brand sponsored you right now?

T: Yes I'm sponsored by KZ goalkeeping

G: What do you look for in goalkeeper gloves?and which model are you using atm?

T: Mainly look at grip and durability but it's helpful if comfy and stylish. I wear the gigas at the moment.

G: How many training session do you have in each day.

T: I'm not professional so I work full time. Train with spurs 3 times a week . Train once with kz goalkeeping. And gym twice a week.

Oct 20

G: How many teams were you played and which team do you like the best:)

T: I've played for quite a few. Started at arsenal then also played for Southampton Bristol Charlton west ham and spurs. Spurs is by far the best team. Coaches are great and the girls are quality. More like a little family.

G: That`s great for you.I hope you can enjoy your life in Spurs and who is your favourite goalkeeper?

T: Always been Peter schmichel but currently Neuer.

Thanks Toni.

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