Reusch Argos Deluxe G2 Goalkeeper Gloves

By goalkeepersharing, Jun 26 2019 02:05PM

G2 Ultrasoft: New demands on the goalkeeper call for modified surface characteristics. G2 Ultrasoft, the evolution of the successful G1 Ultrasoft rubber, outperforms its predecessor again in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. By adding different components, it is also much more resistant to abrasion. The very good impact damping especially for very hard and fast balls justifies the premium status. G2 - the new topping for the highest demands.


Expanse Cut: The Expanse Cut features external seams that maximize the palm area. The area for the ball contact is larger, increases the safety catch.

Dual Rolled: The term "dual rolled" stands for the expansion of the Latexinnenhandbelages both on the side of the little finger and the index finger almost to the back of the hand. This maximizes the catch area and makes the fit more ergonomic.

Ergonomic Support System ESS ™: The anatomical shaping of the hand and the preadjustment of the fingers of the Ergonomic Support System support the natural catches of the hands. The latex extends over the little finger side, enlarges the catch surface and optimizes the ergonomic fit.

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