Lucy Haskell-Goalkeeper Interview

By goalkeepersharing, Jan 4 2016 11:00AM

We are happy to chase up the Leeds Ladies U16 Goalkeeper Lucy Haskell.

Goalkeeper Sharing: G

Lucy Haskell: L

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

L: About Five.

G: Is there any brand sponsored you right now?

L: Unfortunately not. Probably should try get one. Got a personal sponsor but not a brand.

G: What brand are you using at this moment?

L: I use Nike boots and have Adidas gloves with my name on it.

G: What do you look for in goalkeeper gloves?and which glove model are you using atm?

L: Finger saves and support on my wrists. And I am using the Adidas Predator Zones Ultimate.

G: The next question is how many training session do you have in each week.

L: I do 2 sessions a week of specifically goalkeeping for two hours, do other sessions too but that is it for goalkeeping. It is difficult to get in loads of sessions with school work, coaching, refereeing and my work with my County FA.

G: As you said you are doing refereeing as well, do you think it can help your goalkeeping?

L: Yeah course it can, learnt how to keep a lid on my attitude towards referees when i'm playing, i'm now normally the one telling other players in my team to calm down and i have found that i am more honest now as well, for example when the ball is in and out of play.

G: How many team were u played and which team do u like the best:)

L: Tough one that, i have played for 3 teams.... first started off at a boys team Sherburn White Rose FC, then joined a female team Brayton Belles FC and was there for around 4-5 seasons and i honestly made friends for life there, but i had no future in football if i stayed and i was lucky enough to get a contract with Leeds Ladies U16s so this is my first season with them. In terms of fun, friendship and laughter it would have to be Brayton, but Leeds is very serious and want the best out of players so i think i like Leeds best

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper in men and women?

L: Men are Hart and Cech and women should be Emma Byrne and Siobhan Chamberlain.

Thanks Lucy.

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