Goalkeeper Interview-Danielle Brown

By goalkeepersharing, Jan 1 2015 03:43PM

Whatever the lads can do, the girls can too! There are lots of women goalkeeper play and work very hard. This time Goalkeeper Sharing have a short interview with Danielle Brown..

G:Goalkeeper Sharing

D: Danielle Brown

G:How old were you when you started playing goal?

D: I was 8. I started playing with the lads in the play ground and they would always put me in net by the end of it i loved it

G: Is there any brand sponsored you?

D:No I don't have a sponsor at the moment. Currently wearing pb gk gloves which are awesome but no sponsors

G: How many training session do you have in each day?

D:I train twice with my club and I train three times on top of that with myself. Doing strength and conditioning plus a game at weekend

G:Do u training with the men team before?

D:Nope. When I was man city I wasn't able to have that chance neither and not had the chance or offer whilst at Preston.

G: How many team were u played and which team do u like the best?

D: I've played for 4 teams, Man United, Man City, West Virginia tech and Preston. I loved city because I grew up the most there but Preston are coming through and I've become a better player


Thanks for your support and reading. More interivew is coming soon.

Danielle Brown, goalkeeper for Preston North End Womens.
Danielle Brown, goalkeeper for Preston North End Womens.
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