Goalkeeper Interview- Vanessa Kinnerley

By goalkeepersharing, Aug 3 2015 07:57PM

Goalkeeper Sharing catches up with Nottingham Forest ladies FC Goalkeeper Vanessa Kinnerley.

G: Goalkeeper Sharing

V: Vanessa Kinnerley

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

V: I was 6 years old when I first started playing football but 14 years old when I started playing in goal :)

G: Is is there any brand sponsored you?

V: I'm sponsored to play by David and then PEGLIYL sponsors me for my goalkeeper gloves

G: How long have you been wearing Pegliyl gloves?

V: About a month now :)

G: What do you look for in gloves?

V: As fields have skinny hands and fingers I look for ones that are tighter and ones that have got good grip on them :)

G: How many team were you played?

V: I've played for 6 teams over the past 11 years

G: Which team do you like the best?

V: Nottingham forest ladies as it is like a close family all the time :)

G: How many training session do you have in each day?

V: We only train 3 times a week as we don't get paid and need jobs to make a living

Thank you Vanessa.

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