Goalkeeper Interview- Faye Baker

By goalkeepersharing, Jul 1 2015 09:09PM

We caught up with Brighton Ladies Goalkeeper Faye Baker to find out about her career.

G:Goalkeeper Sharing

F:Faye Baker

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

F: Think i was around 13/14 was always an outfield player, but my team didnt have a keeper, i offered to go in and never got let out.

G: Which position you prefer?

F: I was outfield before i played in goal, now i just play in goal.

Its a tough position but i love it.

G: Is there any brand sponsored you now?

F: Brand no, however that could be changing soon. Waiting to see if it happens!

G: How many training session do you have in each day?

F: We train 3 times a week and play sundays, and i do an extra session with an outside coach once a week.

G: How many team were you played?

F: I`v been played for West Ham, Ebbsfleet, Gillingham and currently at Brighton.

G: Which club do u like the best?

F: I`v enjoyed my time at all my previous clubs and am currently loving my time at Brighton

G:Which goalkeeper brand do you like?

F: I wear sells gloves at the minute.

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

F: Probably Neuer or Minoglet are my fave keepers

Thanks Faye.

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