Goalkeeper Interview- Claire Wallhead

By goalkeepersharing, Aug 8 2015 10:16PM

This time Goalkeeper Sharing sticking with Sheffield FC Ladies Goalkeeper Claire Wallhead.

G:Goalkeeper Sharing

C:Claire Wallhead.

G:how old were you when you started playing goal?

C: I would have been about 9 I think

G:Is there any brand sponsored you right now?

C: Its not a full sponsorship but I have a good deal with KA Goalkeeping gloves

G: What do you look for in gloves?

C: The fit (roll finger), the design and the colour way

G: How many teams have you played for and which team do you like the best?

C: I have played for 5 different clubs and have been lucky to achieve a lot at each one. I have good memories at each club but Sheffield FC isa special club and I have achieved so much there and hope to continue to do so.

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

C: Favourite female goalkeeper is Hope Solo and male is Iker Casillas

G: How many training do you have in each day/week?

C: I train twice a week with the club, and I do strength and conditioning Monday to Friday. This may change next season with winning promotion

Thank you Claire.

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