Goalkeeper Interview - Libby Stout

By goalkeepersharing, Jul 21 2015 10:50PM

We are glad had a short Q&A with Liverpool Ladies FC Number One Goalkeeper- Libby Stout

G:Goalkeeper Sharing

L:Libby Stout

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

L: I was 13. Started footy as a striker.

G: Is there any brand sponsored you now?

L: I do not have a specific sponsor at the moment, I have been experimenting with a couple so plan to have a sponsor lined up for next season

I used multiple different brands this past season, mainly HO and Adidas

G: What is your favourite goalkeeper gloves cutting?

L: I prefer the snugness of a negative cut, but use the roll finger on occasion as well.

G:How many training sessions do you have in each day?

L: We train typically 4-5 days a week. Have specific gk training each day. Weights sessions twice a week.

G: How many teams have you played with?

L:I have played with 3 pro teams including LLFC. Liverpool has been my favorite and best experience.

G:Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

L: Big fan of Tim Howard and Casillas. Brianna Scurry, former US keeper, as well.

G: Did you train with the men team before?

L: No I've not trained with the men's team. The girls did last season but I was not here.

Thank you Libby.

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