Emma Kirby Goalkeeper Interview

By goalkeepersharing, Aug 2 2016 01:42PM

We are happy to interview the MK Dons Ladies Goalkeeper Emma Kirby. Enjoy.

G: When did you start playing goal?

E: We were without a keeper so I stepped in and once I was getting the proper coaching I ended up loving the position and just wanted to be the best I could

G: How many goalkeeping training sessions do you have in each week?

E:I have the option of two alongside my normal two sessions

G: Is there any brand sponsoring you now?

E: I get discount with The one glove but not a full sponsorship

G: Do you like the one glove? and which model are you using now?

E: Yeah they are good and I am using the Invictus

G:What is the most important thing in a glove for you?

E: That I trust it and that it fits well

G: What's been your biggest career highlights so far?

E: Must playing and winning cup finals

G: Any tips on warm-ups?

E: My warm up isn't very good but you need to make sure your hands are warm and ready.

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

E: David de Gea

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