Colette Bell Goalkeeper Interview

By goalkeepersharing, Nov 5 2015 07:04PM

We caught up with the former Reading Girls Academy and Bristol Womens Academy Goalkeeper Colette Bell to talk about her goalkeeping life.

Goalkeeper Sharing: G

Colette Bell: C

G: How old were you when you started playing goal?

C: 7 years old

G: Is there any brand sponsor you right now?

C: Not currently although DH-1 give me good deals on their gloves so I use theirs at the moment.

G: What do you look for in gloves?

C: Good grip with comfortable fit and being a girl, nice colours .

G: How many teams were you played and which team do you like the best:)

C: I've played for five teams since I've been playing but since I took football seriously it's been only two teams, Reading Girls Academy and Bristol Womens Academy and I preferred bristol but they were both very good.

G: How many training session do you have in each day?

C:Around 1 hour and a half every day.

G: Who is your favourite goalkeeper?

C: Mine would have to be Hope Solo, the women's USA international keeper but out of the men it would have to be Jack Butland.

Thanks Colette.

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